Don John and Fumi Mini Nakamura


Kunsthalle Galapagos is proud to present Darwin’s Finches, a two-person exhibition by Don John and Fumi Mini Nakamura, opening Wednesday, March 27th from 6-9pm. This is the first US show for Danish Street Artist Don John and the third time that the Kunsthalle will show the work of Japan born, Brooklyn based Fumi Mini Nakamura. For this show, both artists have created their own intricate site-specific works on the Kunsthalle’s 15-foot high walls. Friends for years across a continent, Fumi and Don John were initially introduced to each other because their work shares a similar impetus and highly elaborate detailed style. Themes of resiliency, evolution and nature's astounding, ingenious ability to adapt are intertwined through their detailed renderings.

Danish Street Artist Don John has stenciled his precise and highly illustrative renderings of animals and humans throughout the streets of Europe and North America. He is a self-taught draftsman who has presented work in both the streets and the gallery. His work often resides in the place where nature and civilization collide.  In connection to the exhibition, Don John will be stenciling outdoor works at various locations throughout Brooklyn.Japanese born, Brooklyn-based artist Fumi Mini Nakamura creates intricate drawings with delicate, yet verdant detail. Her new body of work is titled Simple in Vocabulary, Cosmic in Scale, Stately in Their Rhythms, Deeply Emotional in Their Impact. Making its debut at the Kunsthalle, this is her most ambitious work in both size and content. Melding autobiographical imagery with lushly drawn flowers and butterflies, religious iconography and meticulously rendered lace, her work examines notions of rebuilding and depicts natures as an absolute, undeniable force that continues to grow in order to overcome what’s being lost.